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In order to build, sometimes you must first destroy. In order to destroy, you need a company of experienced professionals. All Seasons Restoration can handle an entire building demolition project from beginning to end. Our full-service demolition experts have the equipment and network to get any sized site down to flat earth quickly and safely. We are a full fledge demolition contractor, offering residential and commercial demolition services ranging from wrecking buildings to debris removal. Our pros can remove large commercial edifices from tight spaces—no matter the size of the building, we can destroy the structure, recycle the waste, remove the trash, and renew the space. When it comes to neighborhoods, we take out dilapidated houses, remove fallen trees, dig up old pools, uproot concrete, and complete any other job requiring heavy machinery.

We take on projects in any city across the state of Indiana. If you want to hire an honest demolition service with a reputation of integrity, then give us a call today.

Our Demolition Services


We wreck large structures including grocery stores, airplane hangars, bridge decks, warehouses and office buildings. The team has the finesse to remove downtown buildings in close proximity to surrounding structures. Work on this scale requires extensive paperwork, appropriate permitting, and safety preparation. Our professionals manage the entire process and keep you informed throughout the process.


Our team specializes in demolishing houses and creating a clean construction base. From mansions to studio units, we can level it all. We employ measures to reduce excessive noise and deliver fast results. By minimizing our impact on quiet neighborhoods we have satisfied customers with happy neighbors.

Concrete Crushing

Concrete Crushing

Some home projects end poorly leaving remnants behind that are difficult to remove. Concrete is usually the toughest material to get rid of for homeowners. We are equipped to crush concrete, process it, and remove it in the most efficient manner.

Debris Removal

Debris Removal

The Midwest endures some brutal weather conditions, which can create a variety of problems for homeowners. From downed trees to scrap metal and everything in between, we can get it off the property and out of your way.

Inground Pool Removal

Inground Pool Removal

Tired of the costly maintenance of an in-ground pool? We can quickly dig up any sized in-ground pool and return the site to its natural state. We can even make any surrounding structures, like pool houses and old decks, disappear. Let us help you clear your property for your next project.

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Our demolition experts can take on any sized project. If you have something else in mind, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will go over the project details and give you a fair price for the work. There is no job to big or too small!

Safety, Quality and Precision

Any kind of demolition work comes with a list of unseen dangers to consider so you need an experienced company working for you. Our in-depth understanding of construction and destruction means we will not miss a single detail. We thoroughly inspect project sites to identify and eliminate potential hazards to avoid disasters such as unplanned structure collapse or disturbance of essential service lines. Under-qualified companies cut corners and frequently burst water or sewage lines, which creates a bigger hassle for everyone. Responsible companies like All Seasons Restoration carefully plan demolition projects and abide by city and state regulations. We make it a company standard to achieve high quality, safe and violation-free results.

Environmental Friendly Demolition

We put in the effort to make our demolition services environmentally friendly. This industry largely deals with natural resources, and we make it a point to salvage recyclable materials as much as possible. A portion of the immense debris resulting from demolition work can be processed for recycling. Its not just good business practice, but its something we believe in. We want to leave a work site in better condition than we found it. To us, this not only applies to our quality of work but also our impact on the environment.

Escape pre-construction hassles by letting All Seasons Restoration take lead. Contact us today to learn more about what our demolition team can do for you.

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