Chimney Restoration & Repair

The internal and external structure of a chimney needs regular inspection and maintenance in order to maximize safety and comfort

Chimneys withstand brutal weather conditions from high-speed winds and temperature extremes to hail impacts and acidic rain. Weather conditions in addition to structural changes like a differential settling will also impact the durability of your chimney. While brick can tolerate a lot, this earthy material can crack or break and lead to bigger problems if not properly addressed. If you notice smoke inside or have issues with any aspect of your chimney, call a trusted company to help. In addition to masonry work, we also inspect and replace chimney caps, chase covers, and chimney dampers.

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Replacing vs. Rebuilding Your Chimney

Regular maintenance for your chimney will ensure its peak performance and appearance. When inspections reveal only a few cracked or crumbing bricks, we can typically replace them. Replacement of broken bricks will protect the surrounding areas from further moisture damage. Our professionals expertly blend new work with the existing masonry to keep your fireplace and chimney looking great.

Some chimneys cannot be saved from the deterioration processes that have begun, and our professionals will advise when a chimney needs replacing. Depending on the damage, we will safely demolish part or all of the chimney structure and rebuild it. We will work with you on design ideas to create the attractive chimney you may have in mind. Our licensed team will deliver top-quality craftsmanship that meets local and state building codes.

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Our Chimney Repair Services

With a keen eye, our licensed team performs thorough chimney inspections and provides a detailed remediation plan. Cracked or spalling masonry allows water to penetrate the brickwork, which will deteriorate the chimney from the inside out. The affected areas may include more than just the chimney. Damaged chimneys can cause roof leaks and lead to other problems, meaning they would benefit from regular inspections and professional maintenance when needed. From cracked or broken masonry and blocked chimney caps to ill-fitting dampers and leaky chimney, if you need any kind of chimney repair work, call us for a free estimate.



Excessive moisture absorption affects chimneys in many different ways. To combat this, we apply a high-quality, protective sealant to waterproof your chimney. This vapor permeable sealant stops exterior water from getting in while allowing moisture inside the chimney to escape. For the best results, we recommend professional installation to avoid any overlooked details or potential problems. Waterproofing shields the brickwork from moisture and extends the life of your chimney. This affordable investment will protect the beauty and function of your fireplace and chimney while thwarting future troubles.



You will inevitably need to repair the mortar in your chimney to ensure you have many years to come with a safe, cozy fireplace. Extreme temperatures and moisture slowly erode mortar, and while brick has a very long life span, mortar only lasts about 25 years. If you notice cracked or missing chunks of mortar, tuckpointing can save you from rebuilding your chimney. This centuries old technique involves removal of decayed mortar and scraping the area to replace with new mortar. Our experts match your new mortar with the color of the existing mortar so you will not even notice the repairs.
Tuckpointing provides great benefit to chimneys with crumbing mortar. It stops corrosion and restores structural stability to your chimneystack. Failure to maintain and repair mortar joints eventually will lead to leaning and collapse. As a cost effective alternative, tuckpointing will rejuvenate your brickwork and add value to your home.


Flashing does a great job at protecting the most vulnerable part of your chimney: the base. When properly installed, flashing shields the lower brick from water erosion and prevents leaks around the chimney, where they commonly occur. Flashing installation needs professional precision. Any gaps at the seam of the chimney and roof will allow water into the chimney, surrounding walls and ceilings. High winds and hail impacts can damage flashing and render it ineffective.

Annual chimney and flashing inspections will ensure you have the most effective exterior defenses from weather conditions. Installing flashing requires specific layering techniques that even some companies flub. Our chimney experts have decades of experience meaning they will not miss a single detail. If notice water stains indoors or think your flashing may attention, call us for an inspection today.

Crown Repair
Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney crowns protect the chimney structure against weather damage and deterioration. Different from a chimney cap, which attaches to the top of the flue pipe to keep out debris, chimney crowns play an important role in the life of your chimney. Properly installed crowns extend over the top of the exposed chimney structure. This overhang, called a kerf, has a gutter effect and directs rain or snow away from the chimneystack to the rooftop where it can drain without ill effects to your chimney.
Without proper maintenance and regular inspection, chimney crowns can develop cracks and holes, which may not be visible from the ground. This damage allows water to seep into the brick and mortar as well as the flue and firebox. Our chimney experts can repair salvageable crowns to stop water damage. If severely worn, missing pieces or improperly constructed, the crown may need replacement. We custom build crowns from your choice of concrete, metal, or stone for your individual chimney extend the life of your fireplace system. We guarantee your custom chimney crown will do its job, look beautiful and fit the design of your home.

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