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The beautiful aesthetic of cedar shake has made it a popular roofing material for over two centuries. Cedar shake roofs have historically been one of the most widely used roofing materials across the United States. Wooden shake was originally made from materials like pine, oak, cypress, redwood, and of course, cedar. Because of cedar’s natural characteristics like a replant to insects and decay, the value lies not only in the material itself but it can actually improve the value of your home. Plus, the natural oils in cedar make it resistant to insects, moisture, and UV damage making it a worthy investment.

Benefits of Cedar Shake

Cedar shake shingles are hand cut from cedar logs, which will give your roof a unique and distinguished look. Cedar shake comes in multiple shades of reds, browns, gold and amber meaning you can customize your roof the way you want it. Plus, as your cedar roof ages, it will take on a handsome silver-grey color that will only add to the beauty of your home. Some other benefits for choosing cedar shake as your roofing material include:

Cedar Shake Maintenance

Cedar shake roofs are visually appealing and can withstand the wide range of weather that central Indiana has throughout the year. But like any roof, upkeep is essential. To make sure you get the longest life of your roof, we recommend regular maintenance:

Your Trusted Cedar Shake Roofer

Overall, when it comes to installation and maintenance on your cedar shake roof, leave it to a professional. This ancient technique has been perfected over time, and the cedar shake used is not only naturally protected, but can also be treated to be fire resistant. While cedar shake roofs may cost more upfront, the investment is certainly worth it. With handcrafted materials made with 21st century techniques, cedar shake roofs are better than ever. The professionals at All Seasons Roofing and Restoration can not only repair any damaged area of your cedar shake roof, but also give you the most eye-catching house on the block by replacing your damaged or aged roof with cedar shake. Call us today for a free estimate! 

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